QuickBooks User? Ever need help?

January 24, 2014

If you manage a small business or local non-profit organization, there is a good chance you use QuickBooks in some form or fashion. After all, QuickBooks is not the only player in this segment of software but they are dominant!

At Robinson Consulting Group, we use QuickBooks in our firm and many of our clients use this software as well. If there has been a drawback in the past to supporting our clients, it was that it sometimes proved challenging to provide support when a client user had an issue and wanted to ask for advice in resolving the matter. Often, for one reason or another, it was a challenge to get together - the client might bring their laptop by the office or we might need to travel to the client or sometimes worst of all, the client would attempt to make a backup file, bring or send it to the office only to be disappointed to find that the backup file was not usable for some reason. If it was usable, there was always the issue of having the same version of the software on both computers to ensure compatibility. None of these efforts was particularly efficient.

Technology has provided many solutions to the problem including remote access software such as Go To Manage or others but perhaps one of the best solutions for collaborating with your accountant or peers also provides some other benefits that you might want to consider - QuickBooks in the Cloud.

There are multiple options for implementing a cloud-based hosted version of QuickBooks from the relatively inexpensive QuickBooks Online provided directly by Intuit to using a hosted copy of the desktop versions of QuickBooks through an approved provider such as Right Networks, a service our firm has enjoyed success with for this need.

Running your accounting function with QuickBooks Online or a hosted copy of the desktop QuickBooks through Right Networks allows you to work collaboratively with your accountant or other advisors in a real-time access copy of your accounting software. This allows us to log in whenever needed from anywhere with internet access 24/7 to assist our client with any questions or concerns.

Additional benefits include your ability to work anywhere anytime if the need or desire arises, staying current with your software more efficiently by leasing the current year software vs. buying upgrades annually and having secure backups in offsite data centers. A lost or damaged computer does not have to mean the loss of your data.

Each user must determine the right fit for their needs and comfort, but there are a number of potential benefits to accounting in the cloud.

As always, we are happy to discuss any questions related to this post and thank you in advance for the opportunity to assist you with your accounting needs.

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