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Employee Spotlight - Tina Traupman

This month, the spotlight is on Tina Traupman. Tina joined RCG CPAs Advisors as an Advisor in Accounting and Tax in June 2020. She earned a BS in Accounting from VCU, and an AAS in IT/Computer Programming from ECPI. Please join us in welcoming Tina to our team, and get to know her on a more personal level as she shares some insights on her interests, family and adventures!

Your 'happy place' in VA?  
Definitely my home, especially when family and friends are visiting. I am a very social person and enjoy hosting people at home, planned or impromptu. I simply love it!

What are your favorite hobbies?  
I love travelling, nationally and internationally! I enjoy reading, going to concerts, being outdoors with my kids, and basketball. I am very involved with our local basketball organization Powhatan Pulse, as the Girls’ Director, and I really enjoy meeting all the families that sign on…and love cheering for our teams.

Fun fact? 
I’m known to be very spontaneous. Before I resumed my career, I would pack my kids in the car and drive off for weeks to visit family and friends (including kids I grew up with, whether during my time at boarding school or where my dad was stationed) all over Virginia, Maryland and even as far as Texas, sightseeing and discovering places along the way.

Secret talent? 
My poker face?

A hashtag that describes your personality?  
#alwaysupforachallenge #spontaneous

What type of music would we find on your playlist?  
I listen to a variety: Pop ‘80s – current, Country, Hindi, and several foreign songs that I may or may not understand but the beat caught my attention. 

What is your favorite movie or book? 
I enjoy a variety here, as well: drama, suspense/thrillers and romance. A few of my favorite reading classics are “Wuthering Heights,” “Gone with the Wind,” “Kane and Abel,” and “Love Story.” More recent ones that I’ve enjoyed include several works of Liane Moriarty.

Favorite thing about working at RCG CPAs Advisors? 
I worked here as a temp from February through April and then became full-time at the end of June. So, I am the newbie, and being in COVID times, I haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time with my fellow RCG-ians. But even in the short time that I have spent with them, I feel blessed to have found such an amazing workplace. Everyone is courteous, respectful, professional and personable. We have a wide range of knowledge, talent and background here, which makes troubleshooting a breeze. We always find the answer!! I am enjoying getting to know each member of my new work family.

People would be surprised to know? 
People usually don’t believe that I was born and raised in India, I am an Indian army brat, and that I spent most of my childhood (7-17 years old) in a boarding school.

Top 3 highlights of your life? 
1. My two girls, they’re my pals and my sidekicks.
2. Migrating to the U.S. at the age of 18, and building a life from scratch.
3. It might sound corny, but getting this job. No, seriously…I really enjoyed the culture here when I did temp work.